Pledge to order service from Riptide in Elizabeth City

WE NEED 800 Residential + 50 Business PLEDGES TO BEGIN OUR BUILD IN Elizabeth City


Pledge to Purchase Services

The undersigned resident/business of Elizabeth City ("customer") hereby acknowledges they intend to order services from Riptide Fiber Optics, LLC ("Riptide") after construction of the fiber optic network.  Riptide intends to offer high speed Internet service and telephone service at competitive rates (listed at the bottom of this page).  The company may also offer other services that are not yet defined.

This pledge shows the future intention of the customer to purchase services when offered to them by Riptide.  Although not legally binding, this pledge is important in order for Riptide to obtain the financing needed to construct the network.  Customers will be given an opportunity to choose products at specific prices in the pledge form below, with the understanding that the packages listed could change during the course of Riptide's buildout.


Grant of Right-of-way

With this pledge, if the customer owns the property that is to get service, the customer grants Riptide free access to their property and maintained right-of-way necessary to connect fiber to their premise.  If the customer rents the premise they agree at the appropriate time to seek approval for permission for the service drop to trespass across the yard from the property owner.  Fiber drops may be buried or may be brought to the premise through an aerial drop from a nearby pole.

Taxes and Fees

Some services sold by Riptide will carry federal or state requirements requiring Riptide to charge and collect taxes from customers for those services.


Riptide promises to keep all customer information confidential to the extent possible by law.

Terms of Service

Customers agree to keep and pay for the services for at least one year from the date of installation.  Failure to do so may result in a retroactive fee to cover the cost of installation.

First Subscribers

Customers will become founding members of Riptide's Elizabeth City Fiber Optic Network by buying initial services from Riptide.  This might give founding members of the group greater service benefits than customers who join the group later.

Discounted Installation

Customers will get a discounted connection to the fiber optic network and discounted installation of services as a result of signing this pledge.  Customers who subscribe after fiber installation has begun in their service area will be charged a full installation fee.  Should the customer fail to order services when the opportunity is presented to them, then Riptide will not construct fiber to their premise.

View our proposed packages below.


Residential Internet Packages* (Proposed)


Business Internet Packages** (proposed)


     *Residential Internet packages are up-to speeds (non-dedicated).  During times of peak network utilization, speeds could be significantly lower than 1Gbps.

     **Standard Business Internet packages are up-to speeds (non-dedicated).  We will offer dedicated Internet service as well.  The rates will be published at a later date when the pricing is determined.  If you plan to order dedicated Internet service, then please indicate what speeds you would like in the Additional Comments section of the pledge form.